Wireless mic HearMic 

Connect it to your airpods to hear better

Whether you hear well or with problems,

HearMic is a great asset to you.

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! 

We’re thrilled to introduce HearMic, the latest state-of-the-art product for people with hearing impairment and those hearing well too, created by our talented team of experts. Especially for you.

We’re giving you a unique, smart opportunity to hear better desired sounds with minimum investment. Try HearMic, it is:


HearMic improves your hearing with minimum investment.

Use your airpods or any other bluetooth headphones or earbuds as your hearing


All you need: BT headphones + HearMic

All you need to do is to pair your bluetooth headphones to HearMic.

No whistling, no squeaking, no metal voice, no "barrel" effect. 

Adjust the sensitivity according to the situation, and use HearMic in meetings, restaurants, car rides, or any place you have problem hearing.

Just give HearMic to the person you are speaking with, and be ready to catch every word they say.

Enjoy amplified sound like never before.


What You Can Expect From HearMic Wireless Microphone

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Easy To Instal. Easy To Use.

Just pair it with your airpods.

Grab your airpods, or any other blueooth headphones or earbuds.
Pair your airpods/BT headphones with HearMic.

Great Value For Money.

More than you expect.

With minimum investment you upgrade your airpods/BT headphones to work like single purpose expensive hearing aid.

Descreet & Sleek

No one sees that you are using support

You meet dozens of people using airpods or another bluetooth headphones, every day, everywhere...


How do you want to use HearMic?

Need to hear better the speaker in noise

My hearing is good or almost good.

Want to replace my hearing aids

I have mild-to-moderate hearing problem.

Both is possible with HearMic. HearMic wireless microphone is multipurpose asset that you will appreciate regardless of the condition of your hearing.


How It Works

HearMic wireless mike is meant to pick up only the sound that you need.

Place the HearMic near the source of the sound, i.e. the speaker. The sound that is sent to earphones is amplified natural sound, in the speech band of phone quality (8kHz). HearMic works with all the handsfree Bluetooth protocols.

That way you will hear what actually matters.


Where It Works

Where you can benefit from using HearMic

Work Meeting
Work Meeting

You can use HearMic wireless microphone on the work meeting of your team to keep yourself in the picture, not to miss any piece of info and to show your competency.

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Meeting with frinds, date
Meeting with frinds, date

Use HearMic wireless microphone on the meeting with your friends or your dates. No matter what noise is there you will hear every interesting word from your counterpart.

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Music, laughter, loud dialogues and monologues ... Even for a person with 100% hearing, it is difficult to understand a friend sitting on a chair next to you in a bar. Use the HearMic and you will have a great time!

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With HearMic you will injoy your you will enjoy the conversation with your neighbor despite the roar of the engines and the sound of air conditioning.

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Training, lessons, class room
Training, lessons, class room

Use your HearMic wireless microphone in the class room. You can focus on drawing on knowledge and skills rather than capturing the speaker's words.

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Theatre, cinema
Theatre, cinema

Take the HearMic wireless microphone with you to the theater or cinema and immerse yourself in the action, forget about the full hall and experience the show undisturbed.

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Public transport
Public transport

Take the usual boring journey with crowded public transport to discuss important things with loved ones or colleagues. The HearMic wireless microphone allows you to do this.

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Driving the car
Driving the car

Use the HearMic wireless microphone while driving or in the passenger seat, and the roar of the engine or the noisy road will not disturb your conversation.

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Lecture, conference hall
Lecture, conference hall

Even the speech in the roaring conference room is not difficult to hear with the HearMic wireless microphone without missing a word.

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For Whom It Works

HearMic can be used by everybody. Kids, teenagers, adults and elderly, hearing well or with mild to moderate hearing problems. It is simple and safe.

Kids & teenagers
Kids & teenagers
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How To Use

  1. Prepare your HearMic wireless microphone.

  2. Grab your airpods, or any other bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

  3. Pair your Airpods/BT headphones with HearMic.

  4. Place HearMicC near the speaker or clip it to the shirt of the speaker.

  5. Adjust the sensitivity according to the situation.

Enjoy the sound without whistling, squeaking, metal voice, nor "barrel" effect.  Hear every word important for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Range between HearMic, headphones and speaker

Q: What is the distance HearMIC can capture the speaker´s voice?

  • A: Sensitivity of the HearMic can be controlled, maximal recommended distance for voice capturing is 10 feet. 

Q: What is the advised range between HearMicand airpods, headphones or earbuds?

  • A:  Recommend distance from the HearMic and the eabuds is 30feet. Note that other 2.4GHz equipment – such as WiFi routers and other Bluetooth devices – many interfere with or reduce the range and reduce sound quality.

Q: Does the HearMic range differ in indoors vs outdoor? 

  • A: The range will vary depending on the surrounding materials: the maximum range will be available indoors with no obstructions, in a room which reflects the radio waves. Note that other 2.4GHz equipment – such as routers and other Bluetooth devices – many interfere with or reduce the range. 

Q: What happens if HearMic is out of range from my headphones?

  • A: HearMic will power off if headphones are out of range for more than 30 minutes. 

Q: How close does the HearMic need to be to a speaker’s mouth?

  • A: We recommend wearing HearMic as shown in the instruction video. In situation of high ambient noise, place the HearMic as close as possible to the speakers month. 

Q: Can I put my HearMic on a table to use when sitting with a group of friends?
A: Yes, you can.   In situation of low ambient noise, as classroom, or meeting, HearMic can be placed on the table and it will pick up sounds from the speakers around it.


Q: Can HearMic be used with other headphones or earbuds such as Apple Airpods?

  • A: You can use HearMic with all Bluetooth earbuds,  earphones headphones that support handsfree Bluetooth profile. 

Q: How many devices can HearMic be paired to?

  • A: HearMic can be paired to 1 device.

Q: What happens when I pair 2nd set of headphones or earbuds to HearMic?

  • A: The first used set is overwritten/replaced by the second.

Q: What type of Bluetooth is HearMic compatible with?

  • A: HearMic is compatible with most airpods/headphones/earbuds that are new and old, HearMic is backwards compatible. 

Q: Sound is only coming from one headphone when using Artone MIC. How to fix it?

  • A: Check batteries in your headphones. Pair HearMic and headphones again, follow exactly the User manual. Make sure that earbuds are placed right next to HearMic (less than 10 cm). 

Q: If one set of airpods, headphones or earbuds is already paired to HearMic, how can I pair a second set?  

  • A: Only one set can be paired at a time. 

Q: Can I delete Bluetooth device pairings?

  • A: You can replace set of headphones with another set.


Q: What is the HearMic battery lifetime?

  • A: 4-5 years

Q: ​Can the battery be replaced?  

  • A: Yes, by authorized dealer only. 

Q: What is the full charging time for HearMIC battery (from 0% to 100% charge)?

  • A: 2 hours 

Q: Can I leave HearMIC charging over night?

  • A: Yes

Q: How many hours will HearMIC work fully charged?  

  • A: 7 hours

Q: Does HearMIC influence battery drain on my airpds?

  • A: Only when the connection is active, the battery usage of the airpods is similar as while listening to music.



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Great experience and feeling. Thank you Artone.

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Practical, comfortable, simple. I use it daily in the office.

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I exchanged the hearing aid for HearMic and I am more than satisfied.

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I like to use HearMic. It's really simple and it pays off financially.

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